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Elon Musk, the world's richest man, has initiated changes since buying Twitter, including a plan to charge users $20 per month for account verification.

 According to the report, if the project goes ahead, users will have to subscribe to Twitter Blue for $5 a month or lose their "verified" badges.  Also planning to take dollars.

 Under this plan, pre-verified users on Twitter will have 3 months to get subscription, if they don't get subscription, their blue tick will be deleted.

 No final decision has been made by Tesla's CEO and the project could be scrapped, but according to the platformer, it is likely that confirmation will become part of Twitter Blue.

 Twitter Blue was launched in June last year as the platform's first subscription service that offers "exclusive access to premium features" on a monthly subscription basis, including the ability to edit tweets.

 It should be noted that Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, has taken control of Twitter, the founder of Tesla has become the owner of Twitter after the deal of 44 billion dollars.  Immediately after which he has dismissed Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal from his post.

 Twitter currently has about 229 million users, and the company estimated in early May that less than 5 percent of its accounts are fake or spam.

 Elon Musk said some time ago that removing spambots from Twitter was one of his priorities, and now he has said that it should be verified that the number of fake and spam accounts on Twitter is actually less than 5% of the total number.  .

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