What is the relationship of the new Prime Minister of Great Britain with Pakistan? Mr news pro


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What is the relationship of the new Prime Minister of Great Britain with Pakistan?  Some interesting facts about Rishi Sonik's personal life

 A surprising thing has come to light about Rishi Singh, who was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Great Britain today, that he has close ties with Pakistan.  Rishi Sink was born in Southampton, but his deep connection to Pakistan cannot be denied.  In this article you will be told about Rishi Shank's personal life and surprising connection with Pakistan which will surprise you too.

 Relation to Pakistan

 In fact, Rishi Sanak's grandfather and grandmother were born in Gujranwala, Punjab and grew up here first.  Later, his grandfather Ram Dass left home to go to Nairobi in 1935 to take up a job, after which Rishi's father Yeshwar Sank was born there in 1949.  While Rishi was born in Southampton in 1980.

 In what condition is the British Prime Minister's house in Gujranwala now?

 It should be noted that Sink is a Punjabi Khatri family and where Rishi Sink's family used to live is now narrow streets and bazaars filled with shops selling clothes, jewellery, electronics and other things.  This place was earlier inhabited by the Hindu community.

 Facts about private life

 As far as Rishi Shank's personal life is concerned, he is 42 years old and was born on 12 May 1980.  Rishi holds an MBA from Stanford University and belongs to the Conservative Party and married Akshatra Murthy in 2009.  Rishi has 2 children.

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