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 Amazon's decision to lay off 10,000 employees

  After Twitter, Facebook, Amazon has also decided to fire its employees.

 According to a New York Times report, Amazon is planning to lay off 10,000 employees from its corporate and technology departments starting this week.

 The cuts will be the largest in the company's history, and will primarily affect Amazon's devices organization, retail division and human resources.

 Reportedly, the layoffs will represent less than 1 percent of Amazon's global workforce and 3 percent of its corporate employees.

 It should be noted that the number of Amazon employees worldwide is more than 1.5 million.  The announcement comes at a time when Christmas preparations are in full swing around the world, and the pre-Christmas period is very profitable for Amazon.

 There is no confirmation yet about the layoffs from the Amazon company.

 Experts say that even successful businesses are under pressure due to the slowdown in the global economy, as such large-scale job losses before Christmas show.

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