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After the Cricket World Cup is over, the biggest sports event in the world is going to start from November 20 this month, and this time Qatar is hosting the Football World Cup.  Although the Pakistan team is not included in the FIFA World Cup, the people of Pakistan are still very interested in football.

 The important thing is that the security duties of this global event are being performed by the Pakistan Army.  Qatar has opened the mouth of the treasury to make this event a success, and billions of dollars are being spent on preparations for this event alone.

 Let us tell you, how much this event will cost, and how much money the teams participating in the competitions will get.

 This World Cup held in Qatar is the most expensive event in the history of football, in this tournament 32 teams will enter the field for the title.  The event will begin on November 20 with a match between the hosts Qatar and Ecuador, a total of 64 matches will be played in the event, and the winner will be decided on December 18.

 The small Gulf country of Qatar has prepared 8 beautiful stadiums for this event, and the interesting thing is that each stadium has an air conditioning system to protect football fans from the heat of the Gulf.

 Since hosting the World Cup in 2010, tiny Qatar has spent huge sums of money to host the event, creating a separate city for the influx of fans, hotels, villas, residential units, cruise ship hotels, near the football grounds.  Shopping malls have been built, while a rapid transit system has also been established to transport visitors to the stadium.

 This World Cup held in Qatar is called the world's most expensive World Cup because Qatar is spending about $500 million every week for the last 10 years for this event, and has spent about $230 billion so far.

 If this amount is seen in Pakistani rupees, then it becomes more than 50 thousand billion rupees, while in India this amount becomes more than 19 thousand billion.  If you look at the annual budget of Pakistan, our budget in 2022 was only 950 billion, that is, the money spent on the World Cup is more than the budget of Pakistan for several decades.

 Qatar has decorated 8 fields for this world fair, and the construction of these stadiums has cost millions of dollars, these grounds have been prepared by the world's famous construction companies, there are swimming pools, cafes, shopping malls for fans coming to the stadiums and  Not only restaurants but also luxury hotels have been built.

 The interesting thing is that the winning team in this most expensive event will get 4 million dollars as a prize along with a beautiful trophy.

 In 2018, the winning team of the World Cup, France, was given a prize money of 38 million dollars, but in this event, this amount has reached 40 million dollars, and the team that lost the final will be entitled to 30 million dollars.

 The third place team will get 27 million dollars, while the fourth place team will win 2.5 million dollars, not only that, but each losing team will also get millions of dollars.  The team that finishes last in the event will also walk away with millions of dollars.

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