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The T20 World Cup winning group will get an award cash of US$1.6 million, while the next in line will be granted US$800,000.

 The T20 World Cup is attracting to a nearby with Pakistan, India, Britain and New Zealand coming to the main four. Aside from the distinction of winning the World Cup prize, the four groups will likewise zero in on getting tremendous award cash.

 As per the ICC, all partaking groups will be granted a portion of the all out prize pool as per their last situation in the T20 World Cup. The complete award pool is set at USD 5.6 million.

 The washouts of the semi-finals will be granted $400,000 while the victors will fit the bill for the finals and the champs will fight it out for $1.6 million in prize cash. The sprinter up of the competition will be granted US$800,000.

 It ought to be recollected that out of the 4 groups going to the semi-finals, Pakistan, India, Britain have won the T20 World Cup once previously, while New Zealand has not won a solitary World Cup yet.

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