In the opening match, host Qatar was defeated by Ecuador 0-2 - Mr news pro


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FIFA World Cup: In the initial match, have Qatar was crushed by Ecuador 0-2

 In the initial match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Ecuador crushed the host country 0-2.

 The main match of the super occasion was played at the Al Snare Arena in Al Khor, Qatar, the 60,000 limit arena was pressed.

 In the eighth moment of the match, the Ecuadorian group figured out how to get the ball into the net of the opponent group, yet the ref dismissed this objective because of a foul.

 Ecuador's most memorable objective was scored by their accomplished player and skipper Ener Valencia on an extra shot in the sixteenth moment, Ecuador scored the second objective in the 31st moment, when Ener Valencia headed the ball to the opponent group from Preciado's cross. Conveyed in the net.

 The score was 2-0 at the break, Ecuador's side was weighty in the final part, yet the Qatari group likewise played a somewhat better game.

 In this half, Qatar had a few decent opportunities to score, however they were squandered, then again, the Ecuadorian group couldn't expand their score, so the initial coordinate of the World Cup football finished with the triumph of Ecuador 0-2.

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