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After Elon Musk took control of Twitter, where Twitter has announced a fee of $8 per month for Blue Tick, now the news has come out that all accounts on Twitter have been divided into three different categories.  will go

 At the moment, Esther Crawford, the head of the service called Twitter Blue, has confirmed that three categories of accounts are likely to be introduced on the platform.

 According to the American broadcaster CNBC, Twitter's product manager and the head of Twitter Blue Key also confirmed that now, to get a blue tick on Twitter, like the first, texts or other legal documents are required to reveal your identity.  Documents will not have to be provided.

 According to him, now every user on Twitter is likely to be given a blue tick for a monthly fee of $8.

 He said that similarly, the individuals or organizations who already have Blue Tick, and when the monthly fee is charged to them, the label 'Official' will also be seen next to their account.

 Esther Crawford said that under the new plan, all accounts on Twitter will be divided into three types or categories, one of which will be 'official', the second will be blue tick, and the third will be 'unlabeled' accounts.

 He further said that under the new plan, there will be no pressure on the users to get the service of Twitter Blue, but they will be free to pay the monthly fee or not, but those who will not subscribe to the service,  Their accounts will remain 'unlabelled'.

 According to him, all institutions, organizations, leaders and well-known personalities will be included in the categories of 'official', it is possible that some ordinary journalists and workers will also be included in the said category.

 He did not specify how long the new plan would be implemented, but said that work on it is going on fast.

 Prior to the new details, Elon Musk had announced that all Blue Tick accounts would have to pay an $8 monthly fee, or their Blue Tick would be removed.

 However, it was later reported that there is a possibility that all users will be given Blue Tick for a fee of $8 per month, and now it has been reported that all Twitter accounts will be divided into three categories.

 Elon Musk took control of Twitter last month on October 28. He bought Twitter for $44 billion in April 2022. Now the platform is his sole property, previously he had several shareholders.

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