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 Football World Cup 2022: Which teams are being declared favorites this time?

 FIFA World Cup 2022 has officially started.  Just as we got to see good matches after the grand opening ceremony on day 1, the hope is that the fans will get to witness a successful event.

 The fans of the countries that have qualified for this mega event would like to see them succeed in the event, but there are also a large number of fans whose countries have not qualified for the FIFA World Cup.  But despite this, his love for this game has not decreased at all.

 Such football fans introduced the term 'World Cup Favorite Team' and it is now so common that FIFA even conducts polls to find out the names of the popular favorite teams among fans before the tournament.

 Which are the favorite teams of FIFA World Cup 2022?

 Like every time, some teams are being declared as favorites by football experts and fans to win the FIFA World Cup.


 Lionel Messi's Argentina, who were eliminated after losing to France in the last World Cup, are considered to be the strongest team to win the World Cup this time.  This is the last time Lionel Messi will represent his team in the World Cup, so he will try his best to win the World Cup for his country and add a FIFA World Cup title to his amazing and unparalleled career.

 The Argentine team, which set a record by being unbeaten in 36 consecutive matches, will enter the field with its best players.  With the likes of Di Maria, Dybala, Gomes and Martinez, it's not too difficult to understand how dangerous this team can be for opposition teams.

 Experts and football fans are hoping from the Argentina team that won the Copa del Rey last year that Messi will end his international career in an unusual way by winning the 2022 World Cup.

 Messi is playing his fifth and final World Cup.  Another interesting fact is that if Argentina manage to make it to the final, it will be the 1,000th match of Lionel Messi's football career and he can make history for winning the World Cup final.


 Brazil is the only team in the world to have participated in all previous World Cups.  But it is also a bitter truth that it has been 20 years since Brazil defeated a European country in the knockout stages, but despite this, Brazil is considered as the favorite for the World Cup.

 Brazilian players who play in the top leagues around the world are considered experts in this game.  Brazil, who have shown good performances in the qualifying stages, have made their way to the World Cup with ease.

 Brazil's main weapons could be Neymar, while experienced players like Thiago Silva and Dani Alves could have a profound impact on the team's performance.  Vinny Jr., Marty Nellie, Gabriel Jesus and Casemiro can play an important role in the team's victory.

 The young players and experienced senior players in the team are talented.  With the announcement of the squad, the expectations of the fans for Brazil increased further.  But the fans expressed their disappointment for not including the forward player Firmino in the squad.

 The Netherlands

 The Netherlands, who performed well in the qualifying competitions, are in their best form.  Under the coaching of Louis van Gaal, the Netherlands team is determined to bring this World Cup to their country.

 Netherlands captain and best defender van Dijk is the center of hopes of the fans.  Depay and Steven Bergwijn, who are playing well, could be the main players for the Dutchmen.

 You might be wondering why we didn't include defending champions France in the list of favorites here, so it's because of the injury-prone French players.  The absence of Benzema, Kante and Pogba has changed the situation for France.

 Other national teams that are considered strong by various football circles include Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal, Harry Kane's England, Christian Eriksen's Denmark and Luka Modric's Croatia.

 The real beauty of football lies in the amazing performance of the teams, so any team can turn the dice on the favorites based on their best performances and any major upset can happen at any stage.

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