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Twitter is also starting to pay compensation to video creators?

 When video sharing platform YouTube started paying video creators, many other social media platforms followed suit, creating serious competition and creating a new revenue opportunity for video creators.  It is still in this stage.

 A tweet from Twitter's new owner Elon Musk on Tuesday led many to speculate that the trend of offering money to video creators is far from over.

 Elon Musk wrote in a reply to a tweet that "Let's see what happens when Twitter offers better compensation to good video creators."

 Earlier, in a tweet from the new owner of Twitter, it was said that 1.6 million new daily active users have been added to the platform during the past week.

 Responding to this, a user asked how many daily active users of YouTube will be.

 In response, Elon Musk mentioned that such an option was also given by Twitter, then he was asked that 'Will the facility of content monetization be available only to video creators?'

 In a reply to this question, Elon Musk wrote that this facility will be provided 'on written content as well'.

 Elon Musk, who moved Twitter's verified accounts to subscriptions a few weeks ago and then suspended the process due to various issues, has not given a timeline for the video service idea.  However, his conversation has definitely sparked a debate among many users that, like YouTube and Facebook, Twitter will now also provide monetization facilities to video creators.  And if so, when can this series start?

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