A unique way to stop men from urinating on the streets - Mr news pro


A unique way to stop men from urinating on the streets - Mr news pro

 A unique way to stop men from urinating on the streets of London

 Due to the lack of toilets to facilitate urination in densely populated cities, it is common for people to urinate behind walls and surprisingly, this problem exists even in a modern city like London.  To deal with this problem, the authorities of a London colony have adopted a unique method.

 A new method is being tested in London's Soho neighborhood to deal with this chronic problem of urination.

  According to this new method, the men who urinate in the streets on the sides of the roads, have to stop them from urinating near the walls in a modern way.  A strange anti-pee is being painted for it.

 Authorities in the neighborhood, which houses a large number of bars, restaurants and theaters.  About three thousand people are living in it.

  In this neighborhood, they are busy painting the walls with this paint in about ten strategic points, which creates a transparent layer on the walls that throws the urine back on the person who urinates.  It is like an instant revenge against those who urinate.

 Local councilor Ayesha Lis told AFP that this method is very effective and there is evidence of its effectiveness.  Its effectiveness has been confirmed by spraying water on the wall.

 Westminster Municipal Council whose jurisdiction covers the Soho district.  The project was launched after receiving numerous complaints from local residents, employees and companies.

 Odor relief

 Les says that of course urinating is not a pleasant thing and people in our area are angry about this situation.

  Les says that they cross the threshold of the house in the morning and smell urine.  It is to emphasize the right of residents to live in a clean and safe environment.

 Local authorities decided to use this type of paint after learning about similar experiences in other places, including Germany, and they plan to paint ten walls at strategic locations in the neighborhood of Soho.

 No place to pee

 On the painted facade is written this wall is not a place to urinate.

 Westminster council spends about a million pounds ($1.23 million) a year cleaning streets, spraying urine-soaked streets with water.  So he hopes this coating will help reduce costs.

 We will see how much difference it makes in the next six months.

 Authorities are also looking into the possibility of increasing the fines imposed on violators, as urinating in public places is a violation.  For which at this time the perpetrator can be fined between 50 and 80 pounds (62 and 99 dollars).

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