What are the most miserly nations in the world doing to save money, which we can also adopt- Mr news pro


What are the most miserly nations in the world doing to save money, which we can also adopt- Mr news pro

 German, the world's most miserly nation, does what we can do to save money.

 The stinginess of the German nation is famous all over the world and the people of the German nation have a special reputation for saving money.

  The people of this country keep a part of their income as savings, and do not even make the mistake of investing this money in any business-

 It is said about the German nation that even if a German wins a billion, he will never make the mistake of spending this money on a bungalow-like house, an expensive car or delicious dishes.  Saving methods that we can also try-

 Avoid shopping

 Germans are a people who shy away from shopping. Germans are rarely seen shopping unless absolutely necessary - instead, Germans prefer to use second-hand items, and they don't care. Regardless of what is happening in style,

 Instead, they use old items.

 Use of barter system

 German people usually use clothes etc., which are not out of fashion, such as jeans, sweaters, etc. On the one hand, such items do not deteriorate immediately, on the other hand, they can be replaced when they are old.  -

  There are many stores in Germany where items can be exchanged, including clothes, housewares, cars, and even houses.

 Loot wherever you get discounts

 The German nation is usually a nation that takes advantage of discount offers, in any such season when a discount is offered, the German nation takes advantage of it without any hesitation, and those who can afford it, such discounts.  Buy your entire year from-

  It is well-known about Germans that if they have to go to another city to shop at a discount, they will not leave it.

 Do your own work and save money

 The German people, who are famous for their miserliness, find it very difficult to take money out of their pocket and give it to someone - so instead of hiring someone for their daily tasks, Germans prefer to do all the work themselves.  Do - Likewise, if there is a need for any kind of repair in the house or any electronic correction, German people depend on you for all these tasks, and they do all these tasks themselves in their free time.

 Saving habit

 Germans believe in saving even in their daily use items, by saving electricity they reduce the bill - in addition, by using lights that consume less electricity, they reduce their bill.  are-

  German people try to waste their hard-earned money as little as possible. Along with the electricity bill, Germans also believe in balancing the consumption of food and drink.

 Notebook method education from youth

 All economists agree that a good budget requires regular recording of income and expenditure.

  A notebook is a must-have for every German in their home. These notebooks have gone digital in today's era, detailing everything from shopping lists to expenses - Germans pass this skill on to their children.  They transfer it from the beginning, and they don't spend anything without writing it down, and they don't make any purchases without planning, and this childhood habit is useful throughout their lives -

 Management for the sake of guests

 Another thing about the German people that shows their saving habits is that if Germans invite you for tea or coffee, it means only tea or coffee.

  And for that you should be mentally prepared that there will not be biscuits and cakes etc. with it and if you want to eat something like that then take it with you.

  Germans will also serve you - the same is the case with food, if they invite you, the food will be simple and there is no special arrangement expected from them.  They are just guests and not a burden.

 All these are habits that not only Germans but us can adopt and save big

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